Blood All Over The Glogster

Posted on November 19, 2010


My students….they revolted…I kept pushing. This seems to be the story of the first few months I have spent trying to use glogster in my classes. The students seem to be pushing back, but I see the value in using it. It is funny that only my upper level students seem to not like it. The Freshman eat it up, but my Sophomores through Seniors are the ones with the issue.

Here is the glogster that I used in class. It is modified a bit to fit the confines of the assignment, but this is more or less what I gave them. They did one before this as a test to see if they could blog on a topic we talked about in class. It was a bit free form to get them used to it because I was planning on making a much larger assignment like this in the future.

I used this glog as a method of delivering what would normally be a lab report for the students. I thought that since this is an elective and many of the students are taking science courses, this would be a nice break for them from the confines of a lab report. I also thought that I would get the attention of the other kids in class who were not into the science aspect of the class with an assignment like this.

I generally use a rubric that assesses the delivery of the content. I use this simple rubric for their presentations, but I would also assess their understanding by reading the question responses as I would for a normal lab.

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