Science Creativity?

Posted on November 10, 2010


Students can display creativity in many ways, but often in science, the students are forced to follow a cookie cutter lab that has more or less no room for creativity. I am guilty of doing this. I do this because I really need my students to see some reactions in class, and the parents prefer if their children come home with all of the parts they left home with preferable without some new flesh wound, so the creativity in Chemistry lab is sometimes limited.

One tool that I found that would help me insert some creativity into the Chemistry Lab is Wordle. Wordle is a word clod generator. The student takes their text and inserts it into wordle and a cloud of their words comes up with the most frequently used words appearing largest and the words used less frequently decreasing in size. It does not sound all that creative at all. Wordle is doing all the work. Well that is where we come in.

Wordle of a Fractional Crystallization Lab












I would have the students copy and paste their lab report into wordle. The students would pick three of the largest words, three of the smallest words, and three words of their choosing. They would make a blog post where they featured these 9 words. In their blog post, the students would explain why the words were the size they are, the importance the words serve in the lab, and then give their own graphical representation of what the word means to them.

This type of activity allows the student to take their lab and reflect on it beyond writing a conclusion, but also allows the student to pull from the creative side of their brain.


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