Non Linear Presentations

Posted on November 5, 2010


Non Linear Presentation on Prezi

Here is a link to my Prezi for this weeks class.

Non-linear presentations seem to help develop both the disciplined and the synthesizing mind of our students due to the nature of the presentation. If you are of either of those two mindsets, liner presentations would stifle any creativity and will only provide barriers to the learning that you have manifested.

The disciplined mind requires anticipating and appreciating the interconnectivity of all of the concepts of a particular subject. This type of presentation provides the connection that this mind desires.  A student that is developing a disciplined mind could certainly be fostered by media infused presentations. The media infused presentations allow the student to interact with the material in four different modalities. The reads, hears, views, and responds to the presentation which will increase the likelihood that the student will come away from the presentation with a deeper understanding of the content, and another discipline started.

As far as the synthesizing mind, Gardner refers to Darwin, Freud, and others who have taken vast amounts of data and made a concise representation of this data in the study of their craft. This type of presentation is a poor comparison to these greats, but the connection does exist because the students are able to control the amount of information they use at any time, which is what these scientists were able to do, but on a much smaller scale.

Similar to writing chapters of a book, the student has to gather the data and simmer it down till the points have some order, but the order does not stifle the connections between other parts of the content. This type of media infused presentation does not force the learner to wait for the next slide, or go back to the beginning to see what they have missed. The learner was able to make the connections on multiple levels, and they were able to develop a schema for how the material was collected that worked in their own mind.

In my personal experience, the more media rich my presentations are, the more engaged is the learner. With the engagement, we would expect that learning would occur. My students have told me that they actually feel like they learn more when I use a Prezi instead of my Smart Notes or Power Point. Because they request it, I try to use it as much as I can.

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