Interdisiplinary Use of Digital Resources

Posted on November 2, 2010


PhET Simulation Screen shot

My Physics class studies waves in the second semester. I usually have some issues with teaching waves because it is such an abstract concept for the students to understand unless I talk about how these waves are affecting us in the real world. To do this, I use a combination of digital resources and rely on their experiences in other classes. I generally use Edumedia, PhET , and Discovery Education with my students when we study waves. Our Art Music and Culture as well as our Pre-Calculus class also study waves at the time.

Edumedia Simulation Screenshot

The Pre-Calculus class studies sine waves and the AMC class studies stringed instruments. I use the digital resources to share the science background of both stringed instruments and sine waves with the other teachers. The teachers of these classes are afforded a background they would not have experienced before, and we could use the simulations in each of our classes, so we are able to maintain a consistent vocabulary and experience through the study of these three related concepts.

Discovery Education Screenshot

Over the years, I have found that the symbiosis between the courses tends to benefit the student, since they are, in theory, studying the same topic three times in one day. It is also beneficial because the students recognize the relationship to the real world, and their other courses.

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