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Respectful & Ethical Minds

November 25, 2010


I have mostly taught in pretty diverse schools, but I grew up in one that was almost 100% white. I am happy that through my friends, family and experiences, I was taught respect of all other people from a very young age. As Reed writes, “Knowledge of other cultures around the world leads students to […]

Blood All Over The Glogster

November 19, 2010


My students….they revolted…I kept pushing. This seems to be the story of the first few months I have spent trying to use glogster in my classes. The students seem to be pushing back, but I see the value in using it. It is funny that only my upper level students seem to not like it. […]

Content Content Every Where

November 18, 2010


I was just talking to my students today about creating content. They have road blocks with creating content when it comes to school, and I think it is, as Sir Robinson eludes to, we stopped letting them be creative when we enrolled them in school. It is true and I seem to battle it everyday. […]

Science Creativity?

November 10, 2010


Students can display creativity in many ways, but often in science, the students are forced to follow a cookie cutter lab that has more or less no room for creativity. I am guilty of doing this. I do this because I really need my students to see some reactions in class, and the parents prefer […]

Non Linear Presentations

November 5, 2010


Non Linear Presentation on Prezi Here is a link to my Prezi for this weeks class. Non-linear presentations seem to help develop both the disciplined and the synthesizing mind of our students due to the nature of the presentation. If you are of either of those two mindsets, liner presentations would stifle any creativity and […]

Interdisiplinary Use of Digital Resources

November 2, 2010


My Physics class studies waves in the second semester. I usually have some issues with teaching waves because it is such an abstract concept for the students to understand unless I talk about how these waves are affecting us in the real world. To do this, I use a combination of digital resources and rely […]