How and Why?

Posted on October 19, 2010


I keep this blog as a place where I can drop some stuff that is often swirling around in my brain. I am happy that I might actually have a reader or two now that this is a requirement of the course.

I use technology in my classroom in a multitude of ways. I want to seamlessly integrate technology into my classroom, but at this point, the seams need a bit more tailoring. Edmodo, E-mail, Prezi, Power Point, and Blogger are my top tools for integrating technology in my classroom.

I have come to use Edmodo for almost everything my class does, and I have found that the students have really taken a liking to using this tool in class almost all of the time. They use it to communicate, collaborate, do assignments, quizzes, etc. It is a great tool and since I have brought it to our school, it has become part of the lexicon of the students. I am pretty happy to hear a kid say…I wlll “edmodo” it to you. When your site becomes a verb….you have made it.

I of course use E-mail to communicate with my students, parents, and other members of my professional learning communities. I feel that it is an extension of the classroom, because I am able to teach a student, help a parent, or share in professional development at almost any hour of the day. That is a powerful tool.

I tend to use Prezi for some of my presentations, but I also use powerpoint as well. Both presentation tools are effective, and I think they both have a place in the classroom. They do overlap in some of their features, but I feel they are slightly different and have different uses.

Blogger is still on my list, although I do not use it as much because I want to keep my students separate from the parents. I do not think that the parent conversation should be part of edmodo, but I still need a method to send mass communication to the parents. This is an effective tool that I have found that the parents enjoy using.

The “Why” part of the question is the tricky part. I guess I can not just say that I like it, but that is the truth. I do like to use technology. Beyond my personal taste, I understand that the students are used to the  technology, and the results show, they learn better with it. Why would I not use it? My job is to teach these kids the best I know how. If I don’t do that, I am not doing my job.

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