Use of New Pedagogical Knowledge in Designing Assessment

Posted on September 30, 2010


The intent of this rubric area is that the participant will provide evidence of using their new pedagogical knowledge in their classroom assessments.
1) Evidence: A minimum of Baseline and 2 Later pieces of evidence should be provided. Before evidence may be from Baseline Teaching Portfolio or other ‘before’ assessments. Pieces of evidence are to be carefully selected and targeted to the new pedagogical knowledge. They should not be large unit documents but specific pieces of such large documents that apply here.
2) A minimum of the Baseline and 1 of the Later pieces of evidence should have been used in the participant’s classroom, not just planned for use.
3) If the pedagogical knowledge is based on literature/theory already discussed in previous rubric area, linking to that is fine. If not, then citation(s), detailed summary of the research/theory basis for this new pedagogical knowledge needs to be included in a reflection here.
4) Reflection discusses participant’s new pedagogical knowledge, how/where attained and how participant has used that knowledge in designing assessments, i.e., quizzes, tests, formative, alternative, performance, etc. Specifics of the evidence provided are to be described for the reader.

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