Synthesis of Scientific Concepts Across Science NOT FINISHED

Posted on September 30, 2010


The intent of this rubric area is for the participant to select broad concepts such as energy, the use of models, the importance of bonding, scale, systems, time, scientific method, etc., not small scientific facts, and to be able to synthesize content learning around this idea. Note – no growth must be demonstrated.
Passing: 1) At least 1 broad concept (MISE – across both physical and non-physical science disciplines; MCE – across several courses; BOTH — over the full span of the program)
2) The reflection may be where the synthesis is presented if no assignment/evidence is appropriate. In this case, the evidence would be assignments/documents from courses where content was learned.
3) If evidence is provided as the synthesis, then the reflection discusses the concepts as they relate to appropriate courses over which participant’s evidence is now demonstrating synthesis of the conceptual understanding.

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